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Toyota Tacoma X-Runner

2024 Toyota Tacoma X-Runner Concept: The X-Runner concept is all-new for 2024. It made its debut at the famous SEMA show in Vegas as a design exercise based on the 2024 Tacoma for Toyota’s own design studio in California.

The X-Runner is a callback to the sport trucks of the ‘90s, when lowered, 2WD, tuned pickup trucks ruled the streets. Today, it’s all about lifted, 4x4 trucks, so the X-Runner reimagines the new Tacoma as a hot rod truck of sorts. It’s powered by a hybrid 3.4-liter twin-turbo 4-cylinder engine with 421 horsepower. It wears a TRD Performance body kit  painted in Speedway blue and rides on 21-inch carbon fiber wheels. This is a concept truck and is not expected to go into production. 

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