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Welcome to and the 2021 Chicago Auto Show.  If you’re a frequent attendee of the Chicago Auto Show, you may be curious as to why we’re calling it a Special Edition, or, you looked at the show floor map and thought to yourself, “Where’s the Beef?”  The answer to both questions is found in the total concept of the show as we conceived it during the pandemic.  We knew that there would be several automakers taking the year off and we knew the proximity to our regular show next February might be problematic. That led us to the inevitable conclusion – make it different.

So, if we’re missing one of your favorites, realize that the first-ever summertime Chicago Auto Show fully embraces the change brought by the pandemic.  The outdoor test tracks, more than 50 different models to test drive, the Chicago Auto Show Street Fest – plus a show floor full of never-before-seen vehicles introduced during the pandemic.  This show is set up as a can’t miss event as Chicago re-emerges from its pandemic-induced slumber. 

Years from now they’ll be talking about that time the Chicago Auto Show was held in the summer.  Don’t miss it!  Be a part of the event that helped bring Chicago back.

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Click the links below to see what vehicles each manufacturer is displaying.

Alfa Romeo |  BMWChevrolet | Chrysler | Dodge | Fiat | Ford | Honda | Jeep | Kia | Lexus | Lincoln |  Nissan | Ram | Subaru | Toyota | Volkswagen

Test Tracks and Teset Drives

The 2021 Chicago Auto Show will feature four test tracks -- two on the show floor and two outdoor on Indiana Ave. In addition, the show boasts 11 test drive opportunities. Click here for detailed infomration about the Test Tracks and Test Drives.   

Allied Vendors

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