Toyota Miles Per Hour Run


2024 Toyota Miles Per Hour Run



Date & Time
Feb. 11, 2024
8:00 a.m.

Unique indoor 1-Hour Run through the famed Chicago Auto Show Floor at McCormick Place

Chicago Auto Show
McCormick Place


The Miles Per Hour run is a unique indoor run developed by the Chicago Area Runners Association in partnership with the Chicago Auto Show. First put on in 2020, the race returned in 2023 as part of the opening weekend at the Chicago Auto Show, and we are proud to bring it back once again!  

The one hour run is an event in which participants cover as much distance as they can within one hour (60 minutes). While an officially recognized event, the one-hour run is rarely contested apart from occasional record attempts. Making this run even more unique is that its being run entirely INDOORS and through the halls of the Chicago Auto Show and McCormick Place!

​Runners will complete loops through the massive halls of McCormick Place. The loop, spanning approximately 2.4 Miles, includes laps through the Chicago Auto Show floor past incredible auto displays. Runners will experience breathtaking views of the Chicago Skyline as they cross over the Grand Concourse bridge and wide views of Lake Michigan through the Lakeside Center's expansive walls of windows.

The loop will include a variety of long straightaways, unique zig-zags, and even an incline as runners run the indoor bridge over Lake Shore Drive.

At Miles Per Hour, your finish line is what you make it. Regardless of your pace you are challenging yourself to run as far as you can in one hour, and then take in the Chicago Auto Show with special early access. Timing mats are placed throughout the course in multiple locations to catch your finish result and overall "Miles Per Hour!"