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Chrysler Airflow

2025 Chrysler Airflow Concept: The Chrysler Airflow Concept is the futuristic prototype of Chrysler’s first-ever electric vehicle, which is due to arrive in 2025. The Airflow Concept is a stretched electric sedan with room for 4 passengers, and features a hatchback-style trunk.

Purely a concept car for now, details on trims, models, and drivetrain specs are not available, but Chrysler did elaborate on a few characteristics. Range is estimated to be up to 350 to 400 miles on a full charge, and features STLA AutoDrive, which is imagined to be a Level 3 autonomous driving system.

According to Chrysler, the Airflow Concept’s STLA SmartCockpit and STLA Brain delivers an extension of work and home in the cabin of the vehicle, and it can all be controlled and updated via OTA cloud-connected services. Pricing is not available, but Chrysler expects to launch its first EV in 2024, with plans on offering a fully electric portfolio of vehicles by 2028.

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