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Hyundai Santa Cruz Predicted to Come to Market

Posted by: Casey O'Connell

When the Hyundai Santa Cruz was on display as a concept car at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show it immediately caught the attention of many due to its unique style, futuristic design and advanced technology. This concept truck is one the market hasn’t seen before – Hyundai is even referring to it as a “crossover truck” because it strives to meet the needs of a new generation of buyers.

Hyundai says that the Santa Cruz is a product of listening very closely to consumers’ needs. Not surprisingly, many truck owners don’t want to deal with steep price increases, large/bulky size or poor fuel economy, and wanted something more practical. The Hyundai Santa Cruz is the solution to these common concerns. Hyundai first addressed its length to make it parking-space friendly. However, the truck is also equipped with an extension mechanism, allowing the pickup bed to extend about five feet to make it the length of a mid-size pickup. As a five-passenger four-door vehicle, the Santa Cruz’s overall footprint is similar to a small CUV that receives better fuel economy, hence appealing to a brand new market.

Recently, the Santa Cruz was recognized as the Concept Truck of the Year at the 14th annual North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards due to its unique design, style, materials and market responsiveness. The North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards recognize vehicles that are most likely to shape the automotive industry in the future, and it’s looking like the Hyundai Santa Cruz will do just that in the small truck segment.

When this vehicle was unveiled as a concept, no one was sure if or when the crossover truck would make it to production, but recent reports are stating that the Hyundai Santa Cruz will be approved for production beginning this November.

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