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Behind the Lens

Posted by: Cassidy DeWitt

Being able to capture what everyone is seeing is a gift. However, not everyone sees things in the same way. An individual sees a vehicle, another sees a subject, and another sees a small detail of that vehicle or subject. Maybe you see an angle, or a reflection. The point is perspective. Everyone has a different one.


I love photography, because it’s unique. Like a snowflake, no two photographers take the same photo. Everyone has their own style and opinion on how photos should be taken, so there’s no right or wrong. Just creativity and expression.


Photographing the 2018 Chicago Auto Show was overwhelming at first. I felt like I had to fill criteria in photos, or take photos from a certain angle, but really I had a blank canvas to work with. I did what I do with all of my subjects: I study them and learn as I go. With any subject, people for example, I like to learn more about them. What’s their “good side,” or their favorite feature about themselves. Is it their smile? Their eyes? I want individuals to feel comfortable on the other side of the lens. That being said, you can’t ask a car those things, so I picked out what I liked and ran with it.


Details, details, details. Although cars don’t speak, they present details that are considerable and important just as as people do. Personally, I like the simpler things in life. The less significant details that no one really notices. Those are the kinds of attributes I like to pick out in subjects, and it seemed to be an important quality in photographing vehicles. For examples, the brand name featured in the headlight of a model, or the brand logo on the rim of the tires. It’s the little things that add character, and sometimes value.


Has anyone ever picked out a characteristic about you, or a piece of your work that you didn’t necessarily value or deem as important? It felt good to be noticed, didn’t it? When you pick out “insignificant” details about someone or something, and present it in one way or another, others notice it. The Auto Show isn’t just a place for people who enjoy cars, but anyone and everyone, especially those who appreciate detail.

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