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Indoor and Outdoor Test Tracks at CAS18

Posted by: Maria Meecham

Thanks to its three indoor test tracks and seven outdoor test drives, the Chicago Auto Show gave me the opportunity to climb into the recently released cars and was able to see what unique things each one had to offer. Starting inside, Toyota’s ‘Thrill Ride’ promises an exciting time and delivers just that. You enter, buckle in, and pull up straight up to a stop sign. The driver quickly accelerates and breaks within a short distance, followed up by a swift reverse j-turn, leaving you with adrenaline and a different perspective on a sporty version of the Toyota Camry.


Jeep’s indoor track, ‘Camp Jeep’, showed off a variety of terrain and obstacles that its vehicles can overcome. From breaking down a 30 degree angle, to a ride down a cleverly constructed set of stairs, prospective buyers can easily picture what performance would look like out on or off road. Not only is the ever-popular Wrangler an option, but Jeep provides several more models available to test as well, offering up the choice to customers.


As for the outdoor rides, it was easier to see the cars in a practical and real-world setting. Initially, I did not expect Subaru to give a stand-out experience, although, the ‘Eyesight’ adaptive cruise control left a lasting impression with me, showing off the future of safety technology. The Subaru driver was exceptionally kind and did a skilled display of demonstrating car features that I never knew existed. Both the Kia and Mazda drives provided a wide range of cars for their visitors to test out. Kia’s brand-new Stinger provided a sleek look partnered with impressive features and a smooth ride.


If you weren’t sold by the thrill of the rides themselves, several of the booths gave out gifts just for taking the time to try any of their models. From gift cards to flashlights, visitors never left empty handed. All in all, the Chicago Auto Show presented the opportunity to step in and experience each car’s unique features offering a new perspective on the driving experience for both car fanatics and show visitors.

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