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Automakers Topped the Super Bowl Charts

Posted by: Hayley Feichter

Whether you're a football fan or just there for the good food and commercials, Sunday's game did not disappoint! It's no secret that brands pour millions of dollars into entertaining commercials and this year, the automotive commercials shined. Here's a recap of the car commercials that aired during Super Bowl 51.

This inspirational commercial shared the message that progress doesn't belong to any one group, progress is for everyone. And unlike many other commercials, the Audi vehicle was actually barely showcased.

Kia paired with Melissa McCarthy to make a hilarious commercial featuring the new Niro crossover as the most eco-friendly car.

A mix of humor and inspiration, Honda's game day commercial shared the message of chasing your dreams through a series of old yearbook photos from some famous celebrities.

Something that's never been done before, Hyundai filmed its commercial during the game and aired after the Super Bowl ended. It was a touching story of military reuniting with their families to watch the big game together.

In another lighthearted, comedic commercial Buick partnered with Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr to highlight its new vehicles that some people just can't believe.

Alfa Romeo
Rounding out the list of automotive commercials, Alfa Romeo ran three spots during the game all focusing on the all-new Giulia. From a little sex appeal to inspirational, the commercials were a good introduction to the vehicle.

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