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Are Snow Tires Worth the Investment?

Posted by: Erin Guth

The short answer: Yes!

The long answer: Yes! In locations where the temperature drops below 45 degree Fahrenheit, snow tires are a good idea for all vehicles - even all-wheel drive vehicles. Compared to all-season tires, snow tires are built for cool temperatures and can help maximize safety on the roads that have been affected by the winter weather. Here, we share the top reasons why you should consider purchasing snow tires this winter...especially if you're from Chicago!

Improve Control
Snow tires improve the overall control a driver has over the vehicle. With snow tires, the braking and traction is improved drastically in cold temperatures and on slippery roads. When the braking and traction is improved, the control of the vehicle is also better, thus safer for all passengers.

Get a Grip on the Road
The design of the tread pattern on snow tires makes for more effective driving in slippery conditions. The way the tread is designed and its depth creates a more enhance performance of the tires that digs into snow and ice to grip the road better. Plus, the tread components are made of a softer rubber that are able to adapt their flexibility in the cool winter temperatures.

Long Live Your Tires
Using snow tires during the winter months extends the life of your summer tires. The switch or rotation of summer tires to snow tires means less deterioration of both sets of tires. Worn tires will suffer on roads no matter what the condition, so it's best to change your tires with the change of season.

Don't Skimp
One other tip regarding snow tires is to be sure to change all four tires, rather than just two. The use of only two all-season tires along with two snow tires can cause an unequal traction and control of the vehicle and is more likely to cause a spin out of the vehicle.

It's Not Your Tires, It's You
Changing your tires can only get you so far, so it's important to remember that, with the change in weather, there should also be a change in your driving behavior. Slow down, allow double the following distance and plan time plenty of time to arrive at your destination.

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