2020 Interactive Displays

With more than one million square feet of show floor space, the automakers are getting creative with the displays they’re featuring at the Chicago Auto Show – there’s so much more than cars on carpet! This year, attendees have the chance to test-drive vehicles – at the indoor test tracks and outdoor ride and drives - interact with the latest technology and safety features, and participate in new, engaging activations. Also, don’t miss out on the opportunity to win prizes by participating in the #CAS2021 Challenge on social media: just share your show experience through photos and videos tagged with #CAS2021 and you’ll automatically be entered to win awesome prizes!

In addition to the hottest debuts, latest production, concept and exotic vehicles, the show is packed with opportunities for the public to get behind the wheel. Attendees can ride along in four indoor test track experiences including Camp Jeep, Ram Truck Territory, Toyota's Test Track and Volksagen's Desert Experience. Visitors can also take a test drive in three outdoor ride-and-drive opportunities including Ford, Honda and Subaru. Plus there's so much more for families to do on the floor of the Chicago Auto Show. Here's a list of the interactive displays at the 2021 show.



North Hall Interactive Displays


  • Tech studio - driving mini robot cars
    • Four participants drive their bots through various surfaces for first place. The day’s champions and winning times are highlighted on a large screen leaderboard.
  • Virtual Dynamics Adventure 4D Experience
    • Individuals participate in a 4D virtual reality simulation of driving a GM model of their choice. You can choose from four separate models with four scenes that stimulate potential driving experiences.
  • Chevy Trading Cards
    • Participants stand in front of a green screen to add their photo to a personalized trading card of their choosing.
  • Chevy Comic Strip
    • Create your own adventure story in a green screen/photo booth setting. It turns basic photos to comic book style.



  • Honda x Gaming Circuit
    • Step up and virtually race against time with a model of your choice. Options include the Civic type R, Civic Si Coupe, and the Civic sedan (team liquid edition). Easy-to-control buttons that are perfect for a younger crowd.
  • Winning Moment Green Screen
    • Participants stand in front of a green screen to add their photo to their own personalized winning moments. These moments include the NHL Stanley Cup Championship, the Indy 500, or an ESports Championship.



  • Enter to win 2021 KONA Ultimate and a $500 Amazon Gift Card
  • “Swag” Live Trivia Game Show
  • Virtual Racing Challenge
    • Participants race for 2.5 minutes lap for a slot in the top 16 racers. Winners are determined by best lap time and can claim a grand prize, followed by first, second, and third place. Prizes include an Xbox One, $75 XBox gift cards, Forza Motorsport 7 Game, and a Bluetooth Headset based on rankings.



  • Telluride and Stinger Driving Experience
    • Participants are seated in a hands-on simulation with three screens to set the scenes. With the Telluride model, the participant can explore various examples of rocky terrain, as well as scenic landscapes. With the Stinger model, the participant engages in a fast paced, sports car simulation that satisfies one’s need for speed.
  • Chicago Bulls NBA Hoops Game
    • Classic, arcade-style basketball game.



  • “Become A Safety Shield Hero”
    • Interactive screen, brought to you by XBox One, where participants transform into their own safety hero to prevent potential road collisions.
  • Band Photos
    • Snap some photos in a four-piece band of your creation.
  • Trivia
    • Participate in a Nissan group trivia game. Questions range from basic driving knowledge, to the newest Nissan technology implemented in their cars. Winners from each round have the opportunity to win socks, sunglasses, fidget spinners, and a USB port. The grand prize winner receives a pair of BlueTooth Headphones.



  • Subaru Welcome Center
    • Subaru has partnered with the National Park Foundation to provide this intricate 5D “Welcome Center” matched with a hourly geyser show and surrounding sounds of nature.
  • Adoptable Dog Exhibit
    • Participants are welcome to get their fix of puppy love in this hands-on playpen. All of the dogs are up for adoptions, should you make a special connection.



  • Golf GTI Track Challenge
    • After signing a safety waver, participants are able to physically enter and drive the Golf GTI in a stationary set up.
  • Interactive Screen
    • Highlights specific cars, models, and their proud partnership with the PSIA.
  • Atlas Cross Sport Baja Test Track
    • Participants ride passengers on a physical course to test the Atlas Cross Sport on different dessert terrain.
  • Kids Volkswagon Digital Coloring Page
    • Children have the opportunity to select their favorite model and design their personalized page. Options include various colored exteriors and multiple backgrounds to select from.


U.S. Marines

  • Pullup competition.


South Hall Interactive Displays


  • Acura NSX moving test drive simulator that allows the driver to feel they are truly in the car.

Alfa Romeo

  • In-car simulator, full motion. 



  • STEAM Experience includes interactive games and puzzles relating to science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Fun for all ages, the STEAM van allows participants to pedal a stationary bike to power neon signs that line the walls of the van. In addition, a second participant could power a confetti cannon in the van by jumping on a lever.
  • Oversized Jenga and Cornhole stations
  • Relax and recharge station, allowing participants to charge mobile devices
  • Super Duty Scramble Net is a set of high rise nets over the Ford Truck Series that gives people five and up a unique view of the show from above the showroom floor.
  • Hank the Robot, an interactive robot that speaks to the audience
  • 3 test drive simulators



  • Sound Experience: Experience the sounds of Genesis with their signature headphones, to experience the sounds and feel of luxury.
  • Luxurious rest area, with charging station to relax in comfort. 



  • Camp Jeep, an obstacle course where participants can ride in one of Jeep’s acclaimed SUVs. Featuring an 18 foot hill with a 30 degree incline, rock formations and watered down gravel patches, Jeep displays their off roading capability to the public.



  • Lincoln Trio, a live band performance that performs five times
    • 11:20
    • 1:20
    • 3:20
    • 5:20
    • 6:20



  • Single rider game/simulator in partnership with Forza to give drivers the unique feel of driving a Porsche. Complete with break and gas pedals.



  • Ram Truck Territory: ride in one of Ram’s award winning trucks as you’re driven through an obstacle course showing off Ram truck strengths


State Farm

  • 3 Drive Safe and Save Simulators, allowing drivers to earn “Safety Stars” and compete with past competitors to put themselves atop the leaderboards
  • T-Shirt giveaway at the State Farm T-Shirt Bay
  • Lounge area off to the right of the Driving simulators allowing showgoers to relax on several couches



  • GR Supra driving simulator: single rider, three screen action that, using a hydraulics system, allows riders to move like they are truly in the car
  • Toyota test track, jump in one of eight models and a have a trained driver take you around an obstacle course on the showroom floor
  • Toyota 360 degree theatre
  • Sirius XM Headphone station that allows people to try on JBL headphones and the  Sirius XM station of their choosing


Turtle Wax

  • Ceramic Wax Demonstration
  • 360-degree Slo-Mo Photo Booth


U.S. Army

  • Play multiple different Playstation games with recruiters or against friends and learn more about life in the army