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"What Drives Her" Luncheon & Panel at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show


Contact: Mark Bilek
Senior Director of Communications and Technology
Chicago Automobile Trade Association
Office: (630) 424-6082
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Contact: Jennifer Morand
Director of Public Relations and Social Media
Chicago Automobile Trade Association
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Chicago (Jan. 11, 2017) - The Chicago Auto Show has teamed with Female Factor, Women in Automotive Conference and She Buys Cars to co-host its first networking reception, luncheon and award ceremony on Wednesday, Feb. 8. Bridget Brennan, author of "Why She Buys" and CEO of Female Factor, a Chicago-based consulting and training firm, will moderate the event that will honor and celebrate women with integral roles in the automotive industry.

"The Chicago Auto Show is the place to connect with consumers, particularly females who are driving the vehicle purchase decision," said Jennifer Morand, Chicago Auto Show director of PR and social media. "Foresight Research reports an upward tick in Chicago Auto Show female attendance year over year which has now become equal to male attendance - closing the gender gap. We're proud to report that about half of our show attendees are females." Honing in on the automotive world, women are the primary buyers of cars and account for 85 percent of the purchase decision. Yet, females make up a very small portion of auto executives as males are the dominant group to design and sell the cars.

"Women are the engine of the consumer economy, and they are critically important to the automotive industry as both consumers and workforce talent," according to Brennan.

During the "What Drives Her" event, attendees will hear insights from Brennan's international best-seller book such as the need for marketers and salespeople to understand women's beliefs, values and sensitivities.

According to She Buys Cars Co-founder Scotty Reiss: "Women fall in love with the needs that they have and they search to have those needs filled. They look for economy, they look for comfort, for their second row and third row passengers. They look for charging capabilities for devices in the second and third row. You don't see that advertised on Sunday football."

To kick it all off, Facebook will host a 30-minute mimosa networking reception for audience members that will blend automakers, dealers, suppliers, industry media and social media influencers. Current panelists include Jody Hall, Steel Market Development Institute vice president, automotive market; and Kathy Gilbert, CDK Global director of sales and business development.

"What Drives Her" will be Feb. 8 at McCormick Place, immediately prior to the Concept & Technology Garage. The Chicago Auto Show will stream the event via Facebook Live.

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