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Posted by: Alex Navrotski

We got a few thousand survey responses from online ticket buyers, and some of them are absolute gems. Here are a few suggestions we're "working on" for next year.

"I liked the balloon slide."
Not really a suggestion, but we're glad the cars made such an impression.

"My husband wants more beautiful women modelling next to the cars like at the Fiat 500 :-)"
Your husband has great taste, the Fiat 500 was a hit in Europe.

"Remove all the carpeting! I was getting shocked by static electricity every time I touched a car!"
I had the same problem, but I ran with it. Shuffle your feet, then shake hands with a salesperson.

We've got a plan for that. Next year, we're going to hold the show indoors.

"Maybe have two Starbucks stands instead of just one?"
Got it. We'll put them right next to each other so they're easy to find.

That sounds like a personal problem.

"Free admission to people who submit this survey. That's the ticket."
What a shame, the survey's anoynymous and we're all out of time.

In all seriousness, thanks for the great responses. We're already abuzz with ideas and upgrades for the 2011 show.

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