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The World's Fastest Production Mercedes-Benz Road Car to make Chicago Auto Show Debut

The largest Auto Show in North America can now claim to exhibit the worlds' fastest Mercedes-Benz.  Speedriven Inc. is proud to debut their SL 65 1250HP Fire Breathing Monster.

"We chose the Chicago Auto Show as our debut event, not only because it is in our own backyard, but also it is the largest and best attended show on the circuit," stated Marco Djuric, partner in Speedriven Inc.  "This car is equipped with a 1250hp V12 Blueprinted Bi-Turbo motor built completely by us and has the standing mile world speed record of 198mph," he continued.  "Every internal piece from the connecting rods and pistons to the intercoolers and turbo chargers has been designed, tested and built by us."

"With a top speed of over 221mph, we cannot use standard production parts; everything is custom built," added Marcin Kogut, Chief Engineer and owner of Speedriven.  "Speedriven has laid claim to the world's fastest Lamborghini and now can add Mercedes-Benz to the last.  This is 1 of 1 and is a very unique car."

Speedriven Inc. was started as a performance tuning shop and gradually expanded into the ultra-luxury high performance powerhouse it is today.  "We have a very selective client list and the people who are looking for these types of modifications know who we are, but by being at this show & with this car, we want to the rest of the world to know who we are," said Djuric.  "We hope everyone at the show will come by the booth and see this car."

For additional information about Speedriven, Inc. and its cars, please visit the website at or stop by the booth in the South Hall next to the US Army display.

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