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According to a Foresight Research study, 68 percent of Chicago Auto Show attendees are in the automotive-shopping funnel. So, it makes sense for show organizers to make it as easy as possible for show goers to compare like models. With more than 1 million square feet of show floor space, there is ample room in Chicago to make that happen.

Compared to last year, only three manufactures are in the same location - Ford, Toyota and FCA. Premium brands are now grouped together on the west end of the South Hall. Most volume brands now have a home in the North Hall and the test tracks are grouped together on the east side of the South Hall.

"Exhibitors who weren't already near competitors wanted to be closer to their competition," said Dave Sloan, Chicago Auto Show general manager. "This gave us the opportunity to group our three extremely popular test tracks in one area and make it easier for our attendees to cross-shop vehicles."

Most sponsors are located together in the South Hall, and the North Hall boasts an automotive accessories and aftermarket marketplace. In addition, the show gets a fresh look with an all-new graphics package, updated signature Grand Concourse globe and entrance units with high-definition video screens.

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