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Kia Motors America’s (KMA)’s Blind Spot System was presented  with ​Autoblog’s 2020 Technology of the Year​ award today at the Chicago Auto Show. Autoblog's  Technology of the Year award recognizes innovation in the automotive industry. Autoblog’s team of  expert editors looks for technologies that make consumers' lives better and improve their  experiences in cars.
The Kia Blind Spot System uses a radar sensor and cameras to alert the driver while driving, giving  unique viewability to blind spots and actively working to prevent the driver from getting into  accidents. Working with the active crash avoidance feature, the system helps the driver maneuver  safely. Autoblog’s editors noted the creativity and effectiveness of Kia’s Blind Spot System, and its  overall impact in helping motorists.
"Our annual Technology of the Year award reflects Autoblog's forward-looking perspective," said  Adam Morath, Autoblog Senior Director of Business Management. "It's all part of our effort to inform  car buyers of the latest vehicle features to meet their needs."
"Kia's Blind Spot system is a clever feature that can help drivers understand their surroundings  better. It improves situational awareness and offers different levels of feedback if the driver is  straying from their lane. Our team found that it was easy to use and added another layer of security  on the road,” said Greg Migliore, Editor-in-Chief of Autoblog.
Autoblog’s annual 2020 Technology of the Year Award is reviewed and selected by the editorial  staff, who extensively tested the technologies in Michigan. Voters consider the significance of the  technologies and how well they work in real-word conditions. ​Autoblog’s Technology of the Year  award program started in 2013.     To learn more, or apply for, Autoblog’s annual Technology of the Year award please visit:​.  

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