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Hyundai unveiled the new Sonata Hybrid during the 2020 Chicago Auto Show Media Preview on Thursday, Feb. 6. The 2020 Sonata Hybrid is better designed, better equipped, more fuel efficient and roomier than ever before.

"The Chicago Auto Show is the best consumer show in the country, it's the most heavily attended. You really get people down here looking at vehicles that are shopping, and that's what we want; we want to talk to all the consumers," said Paul Lamb, general manager, central region, Hyundai Motor America.

Angela Zepeda, chief marketing officer, Hyundai Motor America, also noted, "The Chicago Auto Show is one of the biggest consumer-facing shows so we want to show up here, and show up here big. We think this is a great big show, and consumers are very interested in green vehicles so we wanted to be sure to give our best step forward in this very important form."

The new debut boasts 686 miles of driving range and an EPA estimated 52 mpg combined fuel economy rating on the Blue trim level. The 2020 Sonata Hybrid is also equipped with the world's first Active Shift Control technology and a Solar Roof System, which increase driving range.

It also comes equipped with a Smartstream G2.0 GDi HEV engine and a 6-speed hybrid automatic transmission. The engine's power output is 150 horsepower and 139 lb.-ft. of torque. The car's electric motor delivers power output of 39 kW (51 HP) and maximum torque of 151 lb.-ft. of torque.

The 2020 Sonata Hybrid's exclusive styling has a slippery 0.24 drag coefficient, thanks to a unique cross-hole grille with active air flaps, a rear spoiler and aerodynamic alloy wheels. Hyundai Motor's Solar Roof System (SRS) makes its debut on the Sonata Hybrid. This system recharges the hybrid battery while preventing unnecessary battery discharge when the car is off. SRS can increase the driving range by a couple of miles after six hours of charging.

Engineers also applied Active Shift Control technology to control the electric motor, aligning it with the rotational speeds of the engine and transmission, reducing gear-shifting times by 30 percent. This synchronization not only improves the Sonata Hybrid's acceleration and fuel economy but also improves the durability of the transmission by minimizing friction during shifts.

The new Sonata Hybrid goes on sale this spring. 

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