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Delta Wing Edges Closer to Reality

Posted by: Mark Bilek

The most unique world introduction at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show was the Delta Wing concept Indy Car. Looking like a melding of a Bonneville Salt Flats racer and the Batmobile, the Delta Wing is but one of five different designs vying to be the next generation of Indy Car.

The Delta Wing racer is by far the most innovative and radical of the future Indy Car design concepts. By greatly reducing the vehicle weight and decreasing aerodynamic drag, designers say they can make Delta Wing more affordable and use an engine that makes half of the horsepower compared to the current Dallara chassis. That means the engine can be smaller and more fuel efficient.

Recently the Delta Wing concept that debuted at the Chicago Auto Show was featured going through its paces in the wind tunnel on Discovery Channel Canada. Click on the image below to watch the show.

Only time will tell if Delta Wing is selected by the IZOD Indy Car Series to be the next-generation of Indy Car, but just imagine 33 of these barreling down the front straight of the 2013 Indianapolis 500 to take the green flag . . .

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