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Chicago Automobile Trade Association Donates $1,500 to Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse

Chicagoland's new-car dealer association, the Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA), donated $1,500 to the Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse, which provides long-term rehabilitative services, support and mentoring to those affected by stroke or brain injury in the Chicagoland area.

The CATA created the Chicagoland Dealers Care program in 2008 to build upon the charitable efforts of CATA's dealer members within their communities. Liberty Auto City most recently applied to the program to help extend its contribution of $2,500. Together, the CATA and Liberty Auto City made a $4,000 donation to the Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse.

"The unfortunate reality is that charities such as the Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse in Chicago are underfunded and struggle to keep their doors open each month," said CATA Chairman Ray Scarpelli Jr. "However, local businesses such as Liberty Auto City recognize the need to help people within their community. Personally, I couldn't be prouder to represent all of Chicagoland's new-car dealers for championing efforts such as this."

Liberty Auto City President Joe Massarelli partnered up with former Chicago Blackhawk Daniel Carcillo on a poker night fundraiser to help raise money for the Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse. After the event, he became more invested in helping the charity.

"As a dealership, we have made it our mission to get involved with worthy organizations, such as the Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse, throughout the Chicagoland community," said Liberty Auto City President Joe Massarelli. "The Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse works with people of all ages and social circumstances to provide support and rehabilitative services to attain their best life after a brain injury or stroke. Through my own athletics growing up and through my friendship with Daniel [Carcillo], it has become aware that we have an epidemic with brain injuries and the funding to this charity is of critical importance."

The Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse opened its doors to serve the community in 1999. Today, the charity has 76 active members and, on average, serves 35 people each day. The clubhouse offers services such as work reintegration or assisting people with basic life skills like personal hygiene, cooking and grocery shopping.

Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse Executive Director Tammiko Bess explains, "Because Chicago is such a violent city, trauma patients' time in the hospital is often cut short as new cases surface, such as gunshot wounds, and the hospitals need open beds. After patients' basic trauma needs are met, hospital staff then refer them to the clubhouse to seek additional therapy."

"Liberty Auto City's support of community charities such as the Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse during this crucial time means the world to us," said Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse Board Member Angela Mathew. "Head injuries change lives and the necessary after-care, education, support and advocacy are challenging to find. The Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse exists to meet those needs, and brings a sense of purpose to each member. All this remains possible because of support from organizations like Liberty Auto City and the CATA."

The CATA has been a longtime supporter of local non-profit organizations. Since its inception in 2008, the Chicagoland Dealers Care program has donated nearly $100,000 to local charitable organizations supported by new-car dealers. Additionally, since 1992, the association has raised nearly $48 million for significant Chicago-area charities during the annual First Look for Charity black-tie event, held the evening before the Chicago Auto Show opens to the public.

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