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Chicago Auto Show Visitors Can Drive From the Snow to the Beach Without Ever Leaving McCormick Place

It's winter in Chicago, which sparks dreams of warm weather and the beach. Visitors to this year's Chicago Auto Show can take a road trip from a blizzard to "fun in the sun" without ever leaving McCormick Place.

Toyota is putting a unique spin on the legendary Chicago Auto Show indoor test tracks with its RAV4 Blizzard to Beach drive. The drive course showcases the RAV4 as a no compromise vehicle for active young couples who desire high fuel economy, utility, style, versatility and capability.

The RAV4 Blizzard to Beach drive starts on the snowy streets of Chicago. Drivers will traverse a simulated ice crossing before scaling a snow bank that tilts the vehicle on its side. After vehicles pass over a teeter-totter that allows them to climb and then slowly drop down after reaching the midway point, the course demonstrates the RAV4's new birds-eye view technology. This Toyota-first technology employs four cameras that are mounted on the front, the side mirrors and rear of the vehicle to project a panoramic view of the vehicle's surroundings on the central seven-inch touch display. The experience continues with a log walk and sand path as drivers make their way to the warmth of the coast with palm trees and beach volleyball.

The RAV4 Hybrid is all-new for 2016, which the eighth hybrid in Toyota's vehicle lineup and part of a refreshed 2016 RAV4 line with a new exterior look and a technologically enhanced interior. Available driving vehicles will feature a mix of hybrid and gasoline RAV4 models.

The RAV4 Blizzard to Beach drive takes place next to the Toyota exhibit in the McCormick Place South Hall. It operates during public show hours from Feb. 13-21.

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