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The Genesis is Sure to Make Heads Turn

Posted by: Erin Guth

Hyundai’s new concept car is the 2015 Genesis. It debuted at the Detroit Auto Show last month.  It is Hyundai’s newest premium car. You may be thinking why is Hyundai creating a premium car? The answer: to help elevate Hyundai’s brand and its brand story; the Genesis does just this.

This generation of the Genesis is the first of its kind to have all-wheel drive and the first to have the premium new grill. The most impressive feature of this car is the ‘head up display’, a holographic image that shows up in the windshield. It displays various features for the driver which include the current miles per hour, turn by turn navigation, smart cruise control and speed limit detection, to name a few.

The 2015 Genesis was recently featured in the Super Bowl advertisements. This was the “Dad’s Sixth Sense” television spot. This commercial can be found here:

Come see the Hyundai Genesis at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show!



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