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New Ford Technology Helps Drivers Avoid Speeding Tickets

Posted by: Jennifer Morand

Ford announced the launch of its new technology that’s aimed to help drivers stay within the speed limit to avoid fines and help improve road safety. The new technology “Intelligent Speed Limiter” will read speed limit signs with front windshield cameras and slow the speed of the vehicle if the driver is over the speed limit. The car is slowed by cutting the fuel rather than applying the brakes. However, if the driver is traveling downhill and surpasses the speed limit, an alarm sounds so the driver can intervene and apply the brakes. Ford says, in the case of driving downhill, reducing the fuel to slow the car wouldn’t be sufficient.

The semi-autonomous feature is opt-in. Using steering wheel controls, the driver can simply set the Intelligent Speed Limiter feature – similar to how one would set cruise control – although it’s a bit more sophisticated. In addition to reading speed limit signs, the system is integrated with the car’s onboard navigation system to ensure the vehicle adjusts to impending speed limits.

Currently, this technology is only available in the Ford S-Max MPV – sold in Europe. However, it’s likely the Intelligent Speed Limiter may be found in Ford’s latest U.S. models soon.

In the case this technology catches on, this may bring us closer to the autonomous car era. What do you think? Would you rather be in full control of your vehicle or allow technology advancements, such as Ford’s new Intelligent Speed Limiter, to help you avoid common driving pitfalls such as speeding tickets? Comment below or tweet us @ChiAutoShow.


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