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Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Coming Soon

Posted by: Jennifer Morand

Drivers won’t have to wait too much longer for a smarter and safer way to use smartphone technology in cars. After much talk and speculation, Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto integration platforms are finally set to arrive in vehicles beginning in 2015. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will enable drivers to safely and easily make calls, send text messages, use map navigation, access messages and listen to music from a personal library – to name a few.

According to a recent survey, the average person looks at their phone 150 times a day, or once every six-and-a-half minutes of every waking hour. One of the biggest benefits of CarPlay and Auto might be Apple’s and Android’s familiar-looking interfaces, which appear on vehicle touchscreens. The design layouts look similar to a driver’s smartphone so the software is more intuitive. And, once a driver becomes completely familiar with the system, they’ll be able to take full advantage of its functionality to reduce driver distraction.

Adoption of the new technology is expected to be smooth as customers will already have the familiarity of Google Voice or Apple’s Siri to make calls, send messages and use their phone’s navigation app. Another upside to using the smartphone’s software? It could improve voice recognition.

According to Miles Johnson, Hyundai’s manager of connected car care publicity, the new platforms help solve a few issues that have automakers scratching their heads:

  • Because mobile technology is far outpacing that of which is available in-vehicle, mobile integration platforms Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provide drivers an easy solution to obtain the latest technologies – and it’s extremely easy with a plug-and-play USB cable.
  • Siri and Google also have very robust and accurate voice recognition systems which far surpass the technologies that automakers have tried to replicate in-vehicle. There’s also a big cost to automakers to develop the voice recognition systems.
  • Additionally, the learning curve is minimal for the customer as the apps and touch-screen controls are familiar to the driver. The interface will be more intuitive for the driver, which also cuts down on distraction.

Here's a link to a demo video, by Miles Johnson, to learn exactly how it works.

Hyundai will be among the first automakers to offer both Apple CarPlay and Google's Android Auto inside its vehicles, beginning next year. Both systems will also both support third-party apps, but there will be necessary testing done to ensure all apps are safe and glitch-free.

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