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ABC 7 gets you revved up for a car lover's dream in a preview of the 2020 CHICAGO AUTO SHOW, Saturday, February 8 at 6:00 PM on ABC 7. ABC 7 PRESENTS THE 2020 CHICAGO AUTO SHOW, hosted by Mark Giangreco and Jim Rose, a live, hour-long special spotlighting all of the bells and whistles that come with some of the most magnificent cars, trucks, and SUVs the industry has to offer.  ABC 7's Cheryl Scott, Tracy Butler, Roz Varon and Windy City Live's Val Warner and Ryan Chiaverini will also contribute.  An encore broadcast of the live special will air later that evening at Midnight and again on Saturday, February 15 from 4-5 PM on ABC 7.
Jim Rose will take viewers a on a tour of a couple of new standout displays from automakers guaranteed to wow as well as entertain!  Volkswagen is bringing its first indoor track to the Chicago auto show, one that will make you feel like you're in the desert. And the Subaru exhibit will capture the sights and sound of the great outdoors to showcase their rugged vehicles.
ABC 7's Roz Varon will crisscross the floor to show off some impressive technology including virtual reality systems and high-tech driving simulators that will entertain and educate.
ABC 7's Mark Giangreco and Tracy Butler will get a insider's tour from this year's 2020 Auto Show Chairman, Tony Guido.  They get to hop on one of the show's four test track, admire two of the most talked about vehicles turning heads this year, The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette and the Ford Mustang Mach-E, an allelectric SUV, the first in the Mustang family.
Cheryl Scott will give you the inside scoop on the latest ways auto makers are making buying and maintaining your car easier. Hyundai Shopper Assurance allows shoppers to get the best pricing online and even have a test drive vehicle delivered straight to their door.  And talk about a time saver, Chery details how Lincoln's Pick Up and Delivery service picks up and drops off your cars after service and repairs!
Tracy Butler takes a look at one of the most important events of the Chicago Auto Trade Association event, FIRST LOOK FOR CHARITY, an extraordinary evening that goes a long way to support and raise money for 18 deserving charities.
The 2020 Chicago Auto Show special returns for the 6th year to ABC 7 through a partnership with the Chicago Automobile Trade Association and ABC 7 Chicago - pairing the most watched television station in Chicago with the largest auto show in North America.  This year will mark the 112th edition of the show. FIRST LOOK FOR CHARITY has raised over $50 million for local charities over the years.
The 2020 Auto show will not only highlight the cars that are stars but will preview some of the other fun things to enjoy including Friday Night Flights where guests get to sample beer from a dozen local breweries and the Honda Miles Per Hour Run featuring a unique, indoor 2.4 mile running track set on the auto show floor.  Not to be missed, Subaru's Adopt-A-Pet event where the cutest four-legged creatures are ready to find a forever home and are available for adoption throughout the show's run.
The Auto Show special will be broadcast live on ABC 7's  7.1, available on the ABC 7 News App and will also be available live and on-demand on
Holly Grisham is the producer of the 2020 CHICAGO AUTO SHOW.

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