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Chicago Auto Show Partners With Association of National Advertisers to Introduce the 2019 Driving Influence Award


As a continuation of the Chicago Auto Show's long-standing partnership with the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) and its annual Driving Engagement Award, show organizers have partnered with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) to evolve and rebrand the award as the Driving Influence Award. The ANA recently acquired WOMMA and is committed to honoring auto manufacturers that creatively and effectively harness the power of influencer marketing. The ANA will select three manufacturer finalists to attend a special awards ceremony during the Chicago Auto Show's Media Preview on Friday, Feb. 8, where one of those brands will be honored with the 2019 Driving Influence Award. 

"Our goal with the Driving Influence Award is to recognize the power of influencer marketing to engage customers authentically and creatively, and to highlight examples of how top auto brands and their influencer partners are meaningfully engaging consumers," said ANA's Director of Influencer Marketing Leah Marshall.

For the past six years, the Chicago Auto Show's partnership with WOMMA has celebrated automakers' outstanding word-of-mouth campaigns, many of which leveraged the power of social media to engage current and prospective customers. Nissan was presented with the 2018 Driving Engagement Award last February. In its winning campaign, Nissan addressed the backlash and resistance to Saudi Arabia's lift of the country's long-standing ban on women drivers while also dispelling myths about Saudi women, fueling social change and showcasing the comedy intrinsic to learning how to drive. Past Driving Engagement Award recipients include Honda (Monsters Calling Home and April Fools' Fit Kit), Hyundai (Walking Dead Chop Shop), Mitsubishi (Kids Talk Safety) and Toyota (Family Trails).

"We're excited to build upon this established award and continue to evolve it with ANA's partnership," said 2019 Chicago Auto Show Chairman Ray Scarpelli Jr.

The Chicago Auto Show and ANA are now accepting campaign submissions: The ANA's judging criteria is found within the submission page. Manufacturers or their advertising/marking/public relations/social media agencies are eligible to submit a campaign for consideration.  

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