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2014 - Aston Martin - Vanquish Volante

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2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante

  • 2013_Aston Martin_Vanquish_1.jpg
  • 2013_Aston Martin_Vanquish_1.jpg

2014 ASTON MARTIN VANQUISH VOLANTE: Proportion, presence, purity. The Aston Martin Vanquish Volante delivers the most beautiful body-shape in its class. Subtle changes for 2014 needed extensive design work. All new aerodynamically tuned decklid and tonneau. New full-height windscreen with glass directly meeting roof. First fully carbon-fibre skinned Volante. Taking something away allowed Aston Martin to add so much more. Producing the same range-topping performance achieved in Vanquish Coupe in Vanquish Volante was an engineering challenge – a challenge they passed. Powered by the same AM11 V-12 engine, acceleration of 4.1secs and peak power of 565 horsepower ensures this is the quickest accelerating Volante we’ve produced. It’s also the stiffest with a body which maintains all the dynamic agility of Vanquish Coupe.

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