Media Alert: Secrets of Cellular: Mega Trends to Watch

Media Alert: Secrets of Cellular: Mega Trends to Watch

Media Alert
Connected World Conference

A 2014 Chicago Auto Show Media Preview Special News Conference/Workshop

Friday, February 7, 10:50 a.m.
Connected World Conference: South Hall

REGISTER HERE: www.connectedworldmag.com/conference/register

About This Exclusive Media Presentation:

Connected World Magazine editorial director Peggy Smedley will be providing the media with an early look at the April/May Connected World magazine Mega Trends Forecast. This is information that cellular carriers and analysts typically do not disclose to the public.

Selected trends from this list:

  • Merging Vision and Voice Technologies Creates Blended Tech
  • The Accelerating Displacement of Humans by Connected Technology
  • Retail as Entertainment: The Use of Gamification to Change the Customer Experience
  • The Rise of the Self-Monitored Individual
  • The View from Above: Drones
  • Internet of Things Is Dead

All attendees will receive a brief sheet on the complete list of 13 predictions and explanations to put them into perspective for readers.

For more information: Steve Lundin, BIGfrontier Communications Group
+1 312.391.8007, slundin@bigfrontier.com


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