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Worth a Thousand

Posted by: Alex Navrotski

I spent a lot of my time working with pictures and video for the Chicago Auto Show website. My internship is best described by the multimedia galleries at /multimedia/2009VideoGallery.asp and /multimedia/gallery/index.asp.

Most of the footage and pictures were taken by our pro photographers and videographers, but I did get to chase Gov. Quinn around with my camcorder after the ribbon-cutting ceremony. I mixed it up with the network news guys from ABC, CBS, Fox and WGN while the Governor toured the show floor. Being 6'4" is a definite advantage because these camera crews like to try and crowd each other out to get a good shot.

The other new and interesting thing I spent a bit of time on was the Chicago Auto Show Twitter account at It's very good at getting out only the most interesting and important stuff from the show.

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