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2021 Toyota Mirai

2021 Toyota Mirai: The Mirai is a hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle. Sporting more conventional styling and increased range, the Mirai is all-new for 2021. Mirai is offered as a 4-door sedan and seats five. Along with the Honda Clarity and Hyundai Nexo, the Mirai are the only hydrogen-powered passenger offered in the US.

Available only with rear-wheel-drive, the Mirai uses a solid polymer electrolyte fuel-cell stack to convert hydrogen into electricity to drive an electric drivetrain. With a range in excess of 300 miles, a 5-minute refilling time and a 0 to 60 MPH time of 9 seconds, the electric powertrain produces 153 horsepower.

Historically, the Mirai has only been sold in California, as it's the only state with the necessary infrastructure to allow for refueling of hydrogen.

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