Toyota FT-AC

The Toyota FT-AC is a concept vehicle designed for outdoor enthusiasts who want to dial up the adventure on their weekend getaways. The FT-AC, which stands for Future Toyota Adventure Concept, could boast a gasoline-powered engine as well as a hybrid drivetrain if built in the near future.

The commanding concept uses an advanced torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system, which routes the power to the 20-inch wheels wrapped in aggressive all-terrain rubber. Up top, the safari-style cargo roof rack system can haul all types of adventure gear. In order to traverse safely, LED marker lights at its front corners can offer ambient lighting to brighten the trail ahead or, if desired, act as a flash for the side mirrors’ embedded cameras.

Another far-out feature of the FT-AC is its ability to utilize the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot to automatically upload off-road footage to cloud-based storage, where real-time editing and posting can be accessed via mobile device. The Wi-Fi connectivity even gives adventure-goers the ability to livestream the fun to fans and followers.

Toyota plans on releasing a new subcompact crossover in the next two years, but so far the FT-AC is just a concept.

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