Ram Truck Territory

Saturday, February 08, 2020

10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

Ram Truck Territory

Ram Exhibit - South Hall

The Ram Truck Brand is bringing back its RAM Truck Territory interactive ride experience to the Chicago Auto Show. The 28,000-square-foot ultimate in-truck adventure demonstrates the power and capabilities of the Ram Truck brand vehicle lineup. Professional drivers will navigate attendees through the interactive course in both the Ram 1500 light duty and 2500 heavy trucks, which won back to back awards in 2019 and 2020 from Motor Trend as the “Truck of the Year.” It is projected that 25,000 test-rides will be given (35,000 total guests including minors). Key track features include:

  • A payload demonstration, where passengers experience the class-exclusive Active-Level four-corner air suspension found only on Ram trucks. 
  • A stability demonstration on a “High Banked Wedge” structure taller than 6-feet and 70-feet in diameter with a 30 degree tilt.
  • The towing of the Ram 1500 BIC Hemi V8 powered truck will also be demonstrated as trucks hitch to the 24-foot-tall Ram “Tow Power Tower” and lift a weight to simulate towing 12,000-pounds.
  • A series of steel culverts will showcase ride handling capability and suspension options.
  • Riders will also feel the traction and experience hill descent technology on the iconic “Ram Mountain,” a 13-foot high, 30-foot long course element with 30 degree approach and departure angles.
  • Technology will be displayed as the drivers highlight the parallel and perpendicular park assist features and trailer towing technology

Course Construction Facts:

  • (18) 53’ Trailers are used in the transport of freight
  • The Ram Truck Territory Properties weigh 140 tons (280,000 lbs.)
  • The driving surface is constructed of 5,376 Square Feet of Timber Mats
  • The space is branded with over 8,000 square feet of graphics

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