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Special promotions and discounts

Given the hardship of the economy, the Chicago Automobile Trade Association’s and the Chicago Auto Show’s goal is to provide Chicago Auto Show patrons with opportunities to obtain free or discounted tickets through various promotions.

The Official Chicago Auto Show Facebook Group offers opportunities for members to win free tickets to the show through various contests. One recent contest included clever posts to correspond with a new weekly photo for the chance to win two free tickets. For additional information, visit /multimedia/Facebook.asp.

Pepsi has teamed up with the Chicago Auto Show to offer weekday discounts to the show. Pick up a can of Pepsi today to receive a half-priced weekday coupon on the back of the can. Bring the can to the show to receive your half-priced ticket.

Receive discounted weekday tickets to the show just by visiting a CATA Member New-Car Dealer (while supplies last) at

Discounted show tickets are offered at participating Chicagoland Shell gas stations with a $15 purchase. For additional information, visit

Chicago Restaurant Partners agreed to provide “Drive by Value Meals” for a group of four in an effort to cut meal costs at this year’s show. The weekday deals are as follows.

  • Friday, Feb. 13: Connie’s Pizza (for 4) for $25
     - includes pizza and four sodas (normal price: $46; savings of $21)
  • Monday, Feb. 16: Robinson’s (for 4) for $25
    - includes 4 hickory smoked pulled pork or pulled turkey sandwiches, coleslaw or potato salad and 4 sodas (normal price: $53; savings of $28)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 17: Vienna (for 4) for $25
     - includes 4 hotdogs, 4 bags of chips and 4 sodas (normal price: $41; savings of $16)
  • Wednesday, Feb. 18: Connie’s
  • Thursday, Feb. 19: Robinson’s
  • Friday, Feb. 20: Vienna

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