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Labor Improvements Continue at McCormick Place

A new, five-year collective bargaining agreement, including work-rule changes that will mean more flexibility and reduced costs for both exhibitors and show management, was recently reached  between McCormick Place contractors and United Steelworkers Local 17 Decorators Union.
The agreement with the Decorators comes on the heels of a similar agreement in May with the Riggers Union Local 136. Both are considered landmark agreements in labor-management relations at McCormick Place. The five-year contract with the Decorators took effect July 1, 2006 and expires June 30, 2011.
The following are the key features of the new contract:
• Reduced overtime charges
• Clearly defined language on reduced crew sizes
• Drug testing
• Expanded management rights

"It's all moving in the right direction and everyone wins," said Chicago Auto Show General Manager Jerry Cizek. "In exchange for a crew minimum reduction from three to two, the Decorators and contractors agreed to increased wages and benefits over the term of the contract, which (during the course of the show) will have the potential for additional exhibitor savings." The contract was signed by the Decorators Union and the facility's two major general show contractors, GES Exposition Services and Freeman.

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