2013 Press Conference Summary

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MAMA/CATA Breakfast


Jaguar President and CEO Andy Goss Delivers Keynote Speech. The 2013 Chicago Auto Show Media Preview kicked off with the Midwest Automotive Media Association (MAMA) and Auto Alliance breakfast, where MAMA announced the Ford Fusion as the 2013 Family Vehicle of the Year. Additionally, Andy Goss, president and CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America delivered a keynote speech.



Toyota unveiled its all-new 2014 Tundra during the 2013 Chicago Auto Show Media Preview. The Tundra is the third vehicle that Toyota has released in the last ten months and is a full-size pickup truck aimed to appeal to luxury buyers. According to Toyota, the Tundra is built to accommodate all lifestyles – from an urban city to rugged terrain.



Kia introduced a trio of models at the Chicago Auto Show Media Preview; among the three is concept Cross GT Hybrid. Much like the current Kia Sorento, the Cross GT Concept is a crossover vehicle with a long wheelbase, short overhangs and a wide stance.

Kia introduced the 2014 Forte 5-Door, one of the trio of models unveiled by Kia at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show Media Preview. Also introduced was an all-new 1.6-liter gasoline direct-injected turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 201 hp and 195 lb.-ft. of torque, making the new Forte 5-door SX is the most powerful Forte from Kia to-date.

Kia unveiled the latest car in the Justice League series, the Superman Optima Hybrid, during the 2013 Chicago Auto Show Media Preview. The first five models in the Justice League series were introduced late last year; eight are planned for the entire series.



Kia Motors electrified their news conference this morning starting off with their commercial from this year’s Super Bowl featuring an man wearing footed pajamas waking up to his alarm clock. It was a great way to segment into Kia’s new overall focus and drive for the 2012 year.

Vice president of sales, Tom Loveless, served as the spokesperson saying "Kia has been living the dream for the past few years." What’s driving Kia’s growth, according to Loveless, is "its company of doers and creative marketing." He made note of the critiques and awards given to Kia in the last year and thanked its customers for their loyalty. Out of the whole automotive industry, Kia had the highest brand loyalty last year. This began with their thrilling and fun television advertisements for the Kia Soul.

Loveless commented that, "The Kia hamsters and the Kia Soul earned Kia two awards and were voted the number one most viewed video on YouTube with 14.5 millions views and counting." This introduced Kia to a younger, more innovative market.

Kia’s newest concept is the Kia Trackster, the "heavy metal version" of the Kia Soul. The Trackster concept is a high performance vehicle with an electronically controlled all-wheel drive system. Loveless ended the conference by encouraging the audience to "keep dreaming."



2014 Beetle GSR, 2014 Convertible R-Line, 2013 GTI Wolfsburg Edition and 2013 GTI Driver's Edition Revealed. Volkswagen brings four new vehicles to the 2013 Chicago Auto Show Media Preview: the 2014 Beetle GSR, 2014 Convertible R-line, 2013 GTI Wolfsburg Edition and 2013 GTI Driver's Edition. ?



Chevrolet's First Diesel Car in Nearly 30 Years. Chevrolet introduced its first domestic diesel car in nearly 30 years during the Chicago Auto Show Media Preview: the all-new 2014 Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel. The 2014 hits showrooms this summer, and, according to General Motors, will be the cleanest diesel passenger car GM has ever produced. Preliminary numbers indicate that Cruze Diesel will obtain an estimated 42 mpg highway EPA rating.

Economic Club of Chicago


Fisker Automotive Executive chairman, Co-founder and Chief Designer Henrik Fisker delivered the keynote speech during the Economic Club of Chicago's luncheon at the Chicago Auto Show Media Preview. Fisker emphasized the three keys to success: creativity, brand positioning and understanding the customer.


Ram Logo 2013 Press

Chrysler debuted the all-new 2014 Ram Commercial ProMaster, a full-size van targeted at the North American market, during the Media Preview of the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. Ram and Fiat joined forces to expand the market internationally and offer the Ram Commercial ProMaster to businesses across the globe. ?



Ken Block, Tanner Fouse and Brian Deegan to be drivers. Ford Motor Company introduced the 2014 Fiesta ST Race Car during the 2013 Chicago Auto Show Media Preview. Designed as the racing companion to the Fiesta ST production car, the ST Race Car will compete in the Global RallyCross Championship.



Continental Automotive unveiled the Driver Focus vehicle at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show as an effort to raise awareness and address the distracted driving epidemic. The Driver Focus concept vehicle offers integrated Advanced Driver Assistance active safety technology with a future interior monitoring system and visual Human-Machine Interface (HMI) technology. These innovative features provide the driver with a "virtual safety-focused companion" that scans the external and internal landscape. ?

Turtle Wax


Turtle Wax presents the Rinse Free Wash & Wax car appearance care product at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show Media Preview. Turtle Wax claims the innovation will provide consumers with a time, money and water saving method to ensure clean and shiny vehicles.



MotorWeek, television’s longest running automotive series, names the Cadillac ATS its "Best of the Year" 2013 Drivers’ Choice award winner for delivering a compact luxury sports sedan worthy of directly challenging traditionally German rivals. The Drivers’ Choice Awards are among the auto industry’s most coveted honors and are announced annually at the Chicago Auto Show. The 2013 Cadillac ATS edged out the competition by setting ambitious new benchmarks in the sports sedan segment.


Cook County Board


The vice president of Philanthropy and Community Affairs, Michael Rouse, made a very exciting and surprising announcement at today’s Social Media Day at the Chicago Auto Show.

He began by giving a brief summary of the 100 Cars for Good philanthropy from 2011. This program enabled non-profit charities to apply through Facebook to be one of 100 recipients of a new Toyota vehicle. After narrowing it down to 500 from a pool of 3,000 applicants, 100 cars were given away in 100 days to charities nationwide. Voting began in May for 100 days, and over that period more than a half million votes were cast.

A representative from the Chicago Zoological Society took a few moments to share how much winning a Toyota vehicle through 100 Cars for Good has positively impacted their day to day operations. Five other charities from the Chicago area joined the Chicago Zoological Society in winning a new Toyota in 2011.

Following in suite of the Social Media Day theme, Rouse then turned the audience’s attention to the big video screen, where Twitter was displayed and they announced their exciting news for 2012. Shown on Toyota’s Twitter stream was the following tweet:
Announcing the return of our #100Cars for Good program at @ChiAutoShow's Social Media Day #CAS2012.

Toyota will begin accepting applications for the second year of 100 Cars for Good on March 12 for two weeks or until they reach 5,000 applications. This year they will be giving away Siennas, Camrys, Tundras, Highlanders, and Priuses. As an added bonus, each vehicle will include a six-year 100,000 mile service agreement. The 400 finalists that are not chosen as vehicle recipients will receive a $1,000 check from Toyota.

A short video concluded the announcement, which showed how thankful last year’s recipients were, and how excited Toyota is to begin its second year of 100 Cars for Good.

Cook County Board Press Release