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MedEx Ambulance Service to Unveil One-of-a-Kind Pink Ambulance at 2019 Chicago Auto Show

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MedEx Ambulance Service to Unveil One-of-a-Kind Pink Ambulance at 2019 Chicago Auto Show
Pink Ambulance - Customized to Accomodate Smaller EMT's - Launches MedEx Campaign to Celebrate and Recruit Women for Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

WHAT: Now in its fifth year of displaying unique, buzz-worthy vehicles at the Chicago Auto Show, MedEx Ambulance Service will debut a street-ready pink ambulance to launch its campaign to celebrate and recruit more women for Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

The unveiling of the pink ambulance, unique in Chicago-area history, kicks off a new partnership between MedEx and the Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago (ICNC) that will result in annual Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training for up to 100 women (details below).

The MedEx pink ambulance is customized to make EMT work less physically demanding for women or men. It will include $40,000 of additional equipment including two devices to aid the transport of patients outside of and in to the ambulance.  

Specialized equipment for demonstration during Auto Show media days includes:
• A power-loading stretcher system that lifts and lowers the patient into and out of the ambulance. This system eliminates the need to lift or load a cot with a patient into and out of the ambulance.
• A stair climbing device that powers patients weighing up to 500 pounds, up and down stairs without carrying or lifting.

• The MedEx pink ambulance including pink appointments outside and inside the vehicle
• Equipment demonstrations on request

Interview/Demonstration Availability:
• Lauren Rubinson, Founder and CEO of MedEx Ambulance Service
• Michael Pieroni, Director of Operations, MedEx Ambulance Service

• Media Preview Day: Thursday, 2/7/19 – 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
• Media Preview Day: Friday, 2/8/19 – 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

WHERE: Ford Exhibit at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show


MedEx, currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, is certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) by the State of Illinois and City of Chicago. MedEx founder and CEO, Lauren Rubinson has long been a champion of bringing more women into EMS. “Women make amazing EMTs,” says Rubinson. “Making one of our ambulances safer and easier to operate for all EMTs is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. This year we’re doing it, and calling attention to it via this unique pink ambulance.”


• This is the fifth consecutive year MedEx has displayed an ambulance at the Chicago Auto Show’s Ford exhibit. “We’re proud to be here at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show with our partner Ford Motor Company to show off our new pink ambulance” said Lauren Rubinson, MedEx President and CEO. All Auto Show guests who visit the pink ambulance will receive a MedEx pink support bracelet.

• In years past, MedEx displayed technological breakthroughs including its innovative use of Google Glass and an ambulance designed to complement University of Chicago Medicine’s UCAN helicopter service.

• This year’s ambulance on display is the result of modern technology making today’s ambulances more efficient and safer for its crew and patients. 

• ICNC is a not-for-profit organization that offers entrepreneurs an innovative community to grow small businesses through incubation, workforce development, neighborhood planning, and business advising.

  • The ICNC EMT program is for women who want to work as Emergency Medical Technicians or in mid-level healthcare positions, advance in their careers and become more economically secure.
  • Program applicants include underprivileged or challenged women seeking an opportunity to succeed in life. ICNC receives approximately 200 applicants per year for their EMT program: 50 to 65 are selected. MedEx will provide training and education for all of the applicants selected, and for some outside that group, assuming they meet MedEx requirements, and become state licensed EMS professionals.

• The new annual partnership with ICNC enables MedEx to give back to the communities it serves by donating education, time, equipment and supplies. 

• The pink ambulance will include numerous features that make it safer and less strenuous to move patients.

• Women are a critically important resource for EMS, and are under-represented in the industry. MedEx hopes this program will inspire women to enter the healthcare profession as EMTs or other important positions such as paramedics, nurses, physicians or physician assistants.

• The new pink ambulance will become part of the MedEx every day fleet. 

• MedEx has always supported training and hiring female EMTs. Lauren Rubinson has created an environment at MedEx where women are respected, treated equally, and feel valued and safe.


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