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Klairmont Kollections Makes it's First Appearance at the Chicago Auto Show

Klairmont Kollections
3117 N. Knox
Chicago, IL 60641
[email protected]

Larry Klairmont
-91 year old WWII decorated Marine Veteran
-CEO of Imperial Realty
-became the first father-son duo inducted into the Chicago Association of Realtors Hall of Fame with his son Alfred Klairmont
-Born in Maywood IL resides in Highland Park

Director of Events:
Robert Olson
[email protected]

Chicago’s very own Klairmont Kollections is proud to make its’ first appearance at the Chicago Auto Show. The Kollection is the passion and joy of Larry Klairmont, a successful Chicagoland businessman and Highland Park resident. Larry grew up in Maywood Illinois in during the Depression and had a very humble upbringing. Larry is 91 years young and a proud WWII decorated Marine Veteran. It is that experience and humble beginning that seems to have propelled Larry forward in life.  Larry met his fiancée, Joyce Oberlander, and with her assistance was able to transform his passion for cars, into one of the Midwest’s finest collections.

Larry was able to amass his Kollection, the K is not a typo, through hard work and diligence acting as the CEO of his family business Imperial Realty. Both Larry and his son Alfred were recently inducted into the Chicago Association of Realtors Hall of Fame, the first father-son duo to do so.

The Kollection has around 350 eclectic and award-winning cars from the early 1900’s to present day. The two story Kollection is housed in a museum quality setting that displays approximately 300 cars and many other fine collectibles adorned with vintage posters and neon signs to boot. The cars are the stars but there is so much more to see!

Klairmont Kollections has a complimenting Event Space that can accommodate groups of up to 300. The space boasts items such as a 1957 Craft Boat Bar, yes, a boat split right down the center.

Recently Larry has made some changes at Klairmont Kollections. Larry brought on Robert Olson as Director of Special Events. Under Robert and Larry’s collaboration, Klairmont Kollections thereby dedicated about 3500 square feet of its’ space to create a Premier Event Space that can accommodate groups of up to 300. Additionally, public availability dates were added every Thursday and Saturday from 10 am to 4pm. Klairmont Kollections put a focus on sharing its’ treasures. Klairmont Kollections even instituted an annual membership that allows members to visit on any given Thursday and or Saturday. Klairmont Kollections is family friendly.

Charities and school groups are especially welcomed at Klairmont Kollections. Larry enjoys helping others. With the amount of history tied in with the cars, Klairmont Kollections makes the perfect destination for a school field trip.

Regardless, if you are a car buff, weekend warrior, or just looking for a cool place to check out on a Saturday afternoon, Klairmont Kollections has something for you. It is a Chicago Treasure yet has in the past been a hidden gem. 


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