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Welcome to the 2018 Chicago
Auto Show. You are in for
an exceptional treat -- with
nearly 1,000 cars, trucks, SUVs,
experimental and concept
cars to see in an exhibit space
encompassing a million square
feet here at McCormick Place.
As governor of the State of
Illinois, I applaud the Chicago
Automobile Trade Association and
its partners for so impressively
showcasing the next generation
of vehicles. CATA never fails to
find new ways to thrill audiences,
which I’m sure is why the Chicago
Auto Show consistently draws
thousands of visitors and routinely
ranks as a signature event for both
Chicago and Illinois.
The Chicago Auto Show has a
rich history dating back to 1901,
a time when, for many Illinoisans,
this was their first opportunity
to ever see a motor car. Now, we
buy cars, trucks, SUVs and hybrid
vehicles built right here in the
Land of Lincoln. The hard-working
men and women laboring in
cities like Chicago and Belvidere
are at the front lines of American
ingenuity and innovation.
I am confident that you will
thoroughly enjoy your visit to
the Chicago Auto Show -- not
only one of the world’s premier
events in its class but also the
most enduring of shows on the
continent. On behalf of the people
of Illinois, we are delighted that
you are here. Please enjoy your
visit to the 2018 Chicago Auto
Bruce Rauner
Governor, State of Illinois
As Mayor and on behalf of the
City of Chicago, it is my pleasure to
welcome you to the 110th annual
Chicago Auto Show.
Founded in 1901, the Chicago
Auto Show has become one of
the largest and most popular
automobile exhibits in North
America. Every year thousands
of people travel to our city
to take part in the interactive
displays, test tracks, and hands-
on demonstrations that make the
Chicago Auto Show a fun event for
residents and tourists of all ages.
For more than a century, the
Chicago Auto Show has awed and
inspired generations of people from
all over the world. Comprehensive
and impressive displays of domestic
and international cars, trucks, sport
utility vehicles, and environmentally
friendly automobiles give visitors
the chance to learn and explore
new and innovation trends in the
auto industry. I could not be more
proud of the enduring legacy and
success of the Chicago Auto Show.
I hope that those visiting our
great city will take the time to
experience some of the special
places in Chicago. Outside of
McCormick Place, you will find
an exciting variety of restaurants,
nightlife, universities, and world-
class museums accented by our
iconic skyline, incredible lakefront,
and historic neighborhoods that
make Chicago one of the world’s
greatest cities.
I hope you all enjoy the show and
submit my best wishes for much
continued success.
Rahm Emanuel
Mayor, City of Chicago
Welcome to the 2018 Chicago
Auto Show. For 110 years, this world-
class event has brought together
the automotive community to pay
homage to classic automobiles and
cutting-edge cars. As Illinois Secretary
of State, it is my honor and privilege
for my office to participate in this
annual event.
As the nation’s largest automotive
convention, this show has become an
enduring tradition for exhibitors and
attendees. With more than 1 million
square feet of display space almost
1,000 cars on display -- including
racing, traditional and antique vehicles
-- this event also features world
premieres of concept cars and the
latest models of vehicles. The unique
opportunity for attendees to explore
technological advances, inventions
and models for the first time is unlike
any other auto show in the world.
The Secretary of State’s Public
Service Booth will again be available
at the Auto Show. On-site staff will
assist patrons in renewing their
driver’s licenses/ID cards, applying
for vanity or personalized license
plates, processing title applications
and disability parking placards, and
purchasing license plate renewal
stickers. Staff will be available to
answer questions regarding the many
programs and services provided by
the office.
I encourage you to take advantage
of this spectacular opportunity to
explore the latest developments
and innovations in the automotive
industry. Thank you for your
attendance and continued support of
this exciting event.
Jesse White
Secretary of State, Illinois
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Governor, Mayor & Secretary of State
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