First Look for Charity Credentials Agreement

In order to proceed with your registration you will need to accept our terms and conditions by reading Auto Show Bulletin 11.

Bulletin 11 - First Look for Charity

Credentials for Admission

To: All Exhibitors Managers

Credentials are issued allowing exhibitors to properly staff their displays during First Look for Charity. NEW for 2022 – First Look for Charity cards will no longer be used. This credential has gone electronic. This electronic badge is a single use admission for personnel who are deemed necessary and essential to operate the display.

The Exhibit Manager, or the person they appoint, will manage this independent, one-night only, on-line registration. An email that will include a web link and tracking number to register for our First Look for Charity personalized electronic name badges will be sent in early February to the Exhibit Manager. These web links will be unique and will only access First Look for Charity credentials and will not access any other online credential.

Only one list per exhibit is accepted. Your registration should include but is not limited to all Exhibitor Appointed Contractors and their sub-contractors that must be present to operate components of the display or be present in case there is a problem with a part of the display; models, narrators, and or product specialists required to staff the display based on the four hours the display will be open; supervisors for those working the display; and any entertainment or celebrities the display hires for the event. Please work together with your contractors and regional offices to create an inclusive list of mandatory and essential personnel for this four-hour event.

The chart below should be used as a guideline as to the number of credentials you will be provided. It is based on the square feet of the booth. However, each booth will be evaluated based on the activations occurring within the booth that evening. The number is not guaranteed but should be used when reviewing necessary and essential personnel. If you feel additional personnel are required, show management will review on a booth-by-booth basis.

Show management will refer all on-site questions, including omissions, relating to these cards to the Exhibit Manager or the person they appoint to handle this registration. 

The registration deadline is Tuesday, Feb. 8. Name changes will be allowed after this date but must be complete by 8 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 10. Each list will be reviewed and approved by show management. Credentials will be emailed the afternoon of Friday, Feb. 11. If you have not received your electronic badge by 5pm, please contact the Exhibitor Office.  

The personalized electronic name badge is issued to a specific individual who was registered in advance online. This personalized name badge is not transferable and is good for one admission. A Government issued picture ID along with valid proof of Covid-19 vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test (taken Feb. 7 or after), will be required along with this electronic badge for entry to the show floor.  A vaccination card, a photocopy of vaccination card, or a digital record of a vaccination card are considered valid proof. Negative Covid-19 results must be from a lab, home testing will not be accepted. A wristband will be required for reentry that evening. As a reminder, properly fitting Masks that cover your nose and your mouth will be required at all times when not eating or drinking.

This electronic name badge can only be used at the exhibitor entry to the exhibit hall, located on Level 4, on the East side of the South Hall, between rooms S402 and S403. Covid vaccination or negative Covid testing will be checked at this entry beginning at 5 p.m. The electronic name badge is valid for entry onto the show floor between 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. only. After 7:30 p.m. the electronic name badge will not be valid for admission.

With electronic badges there is no on-site pick-up. If you have a problem with your electronic badge or did not receive one by 5pm, Friday, Feb. 11 please contact the Exhibitor Office, 630-424-6001.  

This is a black-tie event and all exhibit personnel are required to dress in either black-tie or their exhibit issued uniform. Improperly dressed personnel will not be admitted. Also refer to Bulletin 17.

Min. Sq. ft.

Max. Sq. ft.

First Look for Charity Admission Card

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