McCormick Place Entry and Exit Procedures

Chicago Auto Show - McCormick Place and show floor access

To: Exhibitors, official show contractors, exhibitor appointed contractors and their subcontractors
In January of 2018 McCormick Place introduced new mandatory Building Entry and Exit Procedure designed to create a secure and controlled building and show floor. The procedures only effect entry in to and out of the building. The credential process to enter the Chicago Auto Show floor remains unchanged.

The 2019 procedures will remain unchanged for 2020. MPEA will secure the McCormick Place campus by limiting public and labor access to specific entry points. Access will be different for Labor and EAC's, Exhibitors and Media on "event days" and "non-event days".

For purposes of the Chicago Auto Show, our first event day will be Monday, Feb. 3 at 6am. Any time prior to this is a non-event day.

On event days designated public entrances will open at approximately 6am.
During event dates public access will be allowed for Exhibitors and Media with or without a named credential. At all times, McCormick Place Security will ensure compliance with Building Entry and Exit Procedures. This may include being stopped and asking for a credential, asking to use a specific entrance, or having your name checked against an approved list.

Below are definitions and directives for various participants in our show.

Labor and EACs
As defined below, will be required to enter through one of three - 24hour building access points. The most commonly used points for our show will be the South Hall entrance located on the south side of the South Hall at the S1 Ramp and the North Hall entrance on ground level, off Moe Dr. at Gate 25.

Their company must be registered as an EAC with both McCormick Place and Show Management.

Their individual name must appear on an advanced registration list provided to MPEA by Show Management, Official Building Contractors or Official Show Contractors and match the name on their valid Government issued photo-ID.

If requirements are met, they will be wrist banded and can proceed with their duties.

If their name does not appear on the list, they will be asked to present a valid Government issued photo-ID or McCormick Place ID and sign in with their name, date/time, job classification and employer. McCormick Place Security will use this to authenticate, they will then be wrist banded and informed to follow-up with McCormick Place, Show Management, Official Building Contractor or Official Show Contractor. 

As defined below, with Auto Show credentials on event days can enter through one of three - 24hour entrances, Gate 4 in the South Building, Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, gate 40 in the West Building, and other public access points that McCormick Place may designate.

Preregistered but without their Auto Show credentials on non-event days, i.e. Jan. 26-Feb. 2, 2020, can enter through open public access points. Security will check the advanced registration list provided by Show Management and if their name appears, they will be wrist banded and allowed to enter.

Not preregistered on non-event days, i.e. Jan. 26-Feb. 2, 2020, will be asked by McCormick Place Security to fill in a Registration Form and present their valid Government issued photo-ID. McCormick Place Security will use this to authenticate, they will then be wrist banded and informed to follow-up with Show Management.

As defined will follow the same criteria as Exhibitors.

Show floor access will follow protocol established in Bulletin 11 of the Exhibitor Services Manual.

School ID cards, memberships cards, employer ID cards are not considered acceptable forms of identification.

Questions on Building Entry and Exit Procedures - Marisol Aquino - maquino@mccormickplace.com.
Questions on McCormick Place EAC Registration – Shawn Daghigh - sdaghigh@mccormickplace.com.

Questions on Chicago Auto Show EAC Registration, Insurance or Show floor Credentials
Lori Gundlach - credentials@cata.info or Sandi Potempa - spotempa@cata.info

  Manufacturer exhibitors
     Corporate executives
     Regional office personnel
     Dealership personnel
     PR Companies
     Ad Agencies
  Show Sponsors
     Corporate Executives
     Sales Teams and support staff
  Allied/Aftermarket Exhibitors
     Sales and support staff
  Complimentary Exhibitors
  Car Clubs
  Military Exhibits
     Civilian Personnel
  Non-construction related EAC's
     Crowd gatherers
     Lead takers
     Celebrities and their handlers
     Radio/TV promotions staff for on-site activations
     Computer Technicians
     Active Print media
     Active Broadcast media
     Active Electronic Media
     Social Media influencers
     Social Media YouTube and the like
     Crews and staff to support the aforementioned media
  AV/Lighting company personnel
  EAC Sales staff
  EAC Supervisors
  Exhibit Designers
  Car Hauler**
  Vehicle Technician (trouble shooter, fix or correct problem)
  Private Security*
  Show Security*
  Show Usher and Ticket Takers
  Show floor cleaning
  Booth cleaning
  Carpet installer
  Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaners

*Must also register with Show Security Director
** Check-in @ Marshalling Yard with GES Staff