epass-casImproving your Chicago Auto Show experience with epass

The Chicago Auto Show is constantly looking for ways to streamline and improve the consumer experience. With help from Chicago-based technology provider eshots, we'll do just that in 2017 by introducing epass. With your epass you will spend much less time entering your information when you want to get vehicle info, to enter contests, to participate in drive events and more.

What is an epass?
epass is a QR code that can be found on your ticket. Once you purchase your ticket you can activate the QR code at any one of the epass branded kiosks around the show or by visiting www.epassCAS.com. After activating, you simply need to scan your barcode and sign your name.

The epass experience will include:

  • epass printed directly on your ticket-Don't throw it away!
  • epass activation kiosks near the ticket windows and within many automaker spaces
  • Once activated, the QR code on the ticket will link your information across multiple checkpoints
  • As you enter participating automaker's exhibition areas, you can scan your epass and choose to have their information shared-avoiding having to re-enter that same information again
  • epass will shorten wait times, speed up contest/sweepstakes entry, ensure reliable product information delivery and streamline the consumer experience

Tickets purchased online will be activated on the epass platform once consumers scan in at their first epass location. All other tickets, including those purchased onsite at the box office, may activate their ticket at any of epass information towers next to the ticket windows or scattered throughout the Chicago Auto Show or by visiting www.epassCAS.com.