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Chicago Auto Show To Launch Like2DriveIt Instagram Campaign To Promote Leasing Deals

In an effort to boost Instagram followers and promote the new Illinois leasing law that went into effect Jan. 1, 2015, the Chicago Auto Show is launching Like2DriveIt, a campaign exclusive to @thechicagoautoshow Instagram followers to promote leasing deals for Illinois residents. The campaign launches on Saturday, Feb. 14, the Chicago Auto Show’s opening day.

The Chicago Auto Show teamed up with social and mobile marketing company Social Mosaic to host the campaign. Fans that follow the Chicago Auto Show on Instagram and “like” a vehicle image will be redirected from the Instagram platform to local dealers’ websites to unlock leasing offers.

This campaign is running in conjunction with an advertising campaign that shares the facts on the new leasing law that went into effect after the first of the year. Prior to Jan. 1, a leasing customer paid tax on the entire purchase price of the vehicle. Now, customers who lease a vehicle pay taxes only on money due at lease inception and monthly lease payments. Because most vehicles have a residual value of 50 percent or more, this change reduces the taxes owed by new lessees by 50 percent.

“The Like2DriveIt campaign is a great way to help Chicago Auto Show’s social media followers take advantage of the new leasing law,” said Dave Sloan, Chicago Auto Show general manager. “Our hope is that by using this social media tool, consumers that might be interested in leasing a car can connect easily with local dealers.”

To unlock the special promotion, fans must follow the Chicago Auto Show on Instagram, like the posts featuring their favorite car and click on the Like2DriveIt link in their Instagram profile. Followers will then be redirected to an online social hub where they can access the special leasing offers.

“Incentivized social engagement, like the Chicago Auto Show’s leasing offer, has become the norm in today’s world of social media marketing,” said Tamer Abel, CEO of Social Mosaic. “This type of engagement works to drive active attention to a brand message and significantly increases brand perception and purchase intent.”

Like2DriveIt is an online social-commerce hub where brands can add direct links to products in each of their Instagram posts. To shop the product in a post, followers must like a post then click on the Like2DriveIt link in the brand’s profile. They will then be taken to a customized social hub where they can find their favorite post, tap on the image and unlock the special lease offer.

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