Alexis Tice would sing her way through life if she could.  An avid karaoke singer and musical lover, Tice displays the same passion in every aspect of her life, especially throughout her academic career at Bradley University.  One of her newest passions is traveling.  Tice took advantage of Bradley's study abroad program by spending spring semester 2008 in Granada, Spain.   She also has been a part of multiple organizations at Bradley, including a internship with the Bradley Athletic Department in marketing

Tice is the second eldest child with four siblings.  The family has lived in five different states throughout her life.  Her lack of a permanent address created her desire to work with people and pursue public relations.

Tice will graduate from Bradley in May 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations.  She will pursue a career in international public relations and hopes to make Chicago her permanent residence.


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