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Women’s Day at the Chicago Auto Show

Posted by: Meghan Anderson

Women’s Day at the Chicago Auto Show began at 8:30 a.m. with special guest speaker, Emily Miller. Miller is the founder of Rebelle Rally, a women-only off-road competition, and also has an impressive number of professional racing awards and accomplishments to her name.

With the audience watching in curiosity, Miller began her keynote speech by removing her dress shoes and changing into muddied old boots.


“When was the last time you got your boots dirty and did something epic?” she asked.

Miller launched her driving career when she was 30 years old, emphasizing that driving is a learned skill that can be picked up at any point. Off-road racing legend Rod Hall kick started her off-road racing, and she has been inspiring women ever since.

In the last seven years, she has intensively coached around 600 women in off-road racing.

“Know what I learned in the process? Women are great drivers,” said Miller.

Through teaching, she has noted the differences between how men and women learn. Women are equally capable, but seem more afraid because they feel they have more to prove.

Rebelle Rally challenges women out of their comfort zones. Miller explained that this off-road driving experience is designed for the strengths of women. It is based on endurance and grit.

No GPS. No cell phones. No support crew. Just women and their cars.

For the best professionals and absolute beginners alike, the Rebelle Rally pushes women to become their most raw selves to leave as a better friend, mom, and wife.

Miller firmly believes that the challenges women overcome is what builds character. Because of this, she wants women to redefine failure. To Miller, “failure” should not be defined when “failing” at new things, but rather it should be considered “failure” when you don’t try new experiences.

“Get your boots dirty and do something epic,” ended Miller.

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