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What's the Buzz about all these Cars?

Posted by: Hayley Feichter

Most people are shocked when I say one of my favorite internships has been with the Chicago Auto Show. "You know nothing about cars!" they say. But you see, that's the unique and great thing about the Chicago Auto Show - it's way more than just cars. I quickly learned last year that while car enthusiasts probably loved this show, average people like myself can find great value in it as well. 
While interning for the show last year, I was quickly wrapped up in the excitement and buzz surrounding the week. It was awesome to interact with the attendees and hear their stories of why they're here, what car they love most, and what manufacturer really surprised them.  You don't need to love cars to have a great time at this show and it's truly an experience for everyone big and small. 
This year I'm hoping to learn more about the logistics of the show. Getting to see all of the cars drive in and the lights get set up is quite a hectic sight, so to see it all come together and look pristine is amazing. All of the "behind the scenes" action has come to life and I'm sure they will pull off another incredible show. 
So no, I don't know anything about cars, but I do know the auto show is a must-see for those of all ages and experience. I'm excited to be a part of it all again this year as I learn more about cars and the logistics of hosting an event of this magnitude. 
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