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Visit from Buick Avista

Posted by: Elizabeth Degnan

The Buick Avista will be making its Chicago debut starting this weekend. Come Saturday, the public will be able to experience the new concept car and all the fabulous features that come with it. With the new Electronic Precision Shift technology, this vehicle has been generating a lot of buzz this year. The Avista, designed with beauty and simplicity, is focused on creating a performance-orientated experience for luxurious driving.  
Some of the features include: 2 + 2 layout, 20" aluminum wheels with color-toned accents as well as touch-pad door handles. One of the most impressive car features includes a floating center console that begins at the drivers reach and extends comfortably to the rear seating for additional passengers. The consoles were designed as touchscreen to create easy access to the vehicles features. 
The interior detail provides the drivers and passengers with a smooth, aluminum finish, and windows that create a panoramic view, designed to create an enjoyable ride.The vehicle itself represents Buick and all the signature detailing they are known for. Be sure to keep a look out this weekend for this vehicle, it will be a must see on our list. 
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