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Top 3 Must-See Cars at CAS18

Posted by: Daniel Garcia

The 2018 Chicago Auto show is nearing its end after a successful week full of events, reveals and many, many cars. From Toyota to Mercedes, Volkswagen to Alfa Romeo you could find them all on the show floor between February 10th-19th. With the plethora of cars at CAS18, it might be easy to pass by or forget to stop and look at a few. However, you won't skip over these: the following is my list of the cars that you definitely won't forget about. These are my must-see cars at the 2018 Chicago Auto show.


1. 2018 AMG Mercedes E63 S

If you found yourself at the Mercedes Benz booth this year, while at the Auto show, you probably made your way over to the E63 S. Maybe it was the stunning midnight blue color calling to you or maybe the tan interior contrasting the exterior paint making an already attractive car even better looking. You might not have cared about any of that and just decided to head over to check out the eight-cylinder, 603 HP engine. Whatever the reason, one thing can be said for sure, the $104,000 price tag on this car seems just right for the amount of luxury, beauty and power you are purchasing.


2. Ford GT

Perfectly placed at the entrance of the South Hall, the Ford GT was incredibly hard to miss. Even if you happened to miss the actual car, the continual crowd amongst the Ford display will let you know there is something to see. The American made super car, looks nothing of any other car presented at the auto show. Sporting a beautiful metallic silver and black paint, the car grabs the light in a way that just takes everyone’s breath away. If the color didn’t get to you, the design did. With large headlights making its presence is known, carbon fiber detail, and dual exhaust leaving us wanting more, this car has something for everyone.


3. Nissan GTR

The bright orange paint of the GTR was enough to lure crowds in to take a closer look. The iconic design amongst the car world came back to the auto show making its presence known. While at first glance, it may look as if it is just another car, at a second glance you realize that you are looking at a piece of art. Pumping out around 600 HP and over 500 lb. ft. of torque, the engine under the hood is a beast waiting to be unleashed. If none of this appeals to you, hard to believe it wouldn’t, the aesthetics alone will attract you.

Upon departing from 2018 Chicago Auto Show we leave fully satisfied with pleasure. The show gave all who visited an experience they can take with them for a lifetime. For most, it gave them the opportunity to view the top automobiles in the country. Some of these models, like the ones above, definitely left a lasting memory in the mind amongst all the cars viewed.

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