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Tidy Car, Clear Mind

Posted by: Hayley Feichter


With as much time as we spend in them, our cars become an extension of our households often carrying snacks, extra shoes, toys, and (admittedly) that sweater that you haven't been able to find in three months. 

It's so easy to neglect tidying up your car, but when winter comes around (sooner than we'd like to admit) and you can't find your ice scraper, you'll regret not taking the time to organize your "second home".

Here are a few quick tricks that might help you, including:

1. A leftover gum container can help wrangle loose change


2. Use a shower caddy in the trunk to organize car fluids and other necessities


3. Organize the glove compartment to make it easy to find paperwork quickly


4. Make a small "emergency kit" pouch to hold the essentials when you get in a pinch on the road


5. Repurpose a plastic case to hold crayons and other small kid's toys in the backseat


Also, check out these genius hacks from BuzzFeed

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