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Tacoma Comes Out to Play

Posted by: Colleen Moran

Toyota’s corporate manager for truck operations, Rick LoFaso, shared details on the all-new Tacoma during the Midwest Automotive Media Association (MAMA) meeting and luncheon last week. Described as the “baddest” and best-selling truck in the mid-sized segment, the 2016 Tacoma is completely refreshed with aggressive styling, derived from a tough and rugged concept. Notably, the truck features all-new sheet metal, a new interior and a brand new V6 engine.


LoFaso presented the new Tacoma as a staple of what the consumer wants in their truck: “We listened very carefully to what our customers asked for and delivered.” The Tacoma offers improved capabilities with a larger bed, lockable tailgate, best in class NVH and even a standard mount for a GoPro – an exclusive partnership with the action camera company (note to self: the GoPro is unfortunately not included). Additionally, it the new Tacoma features several technological advancements including  blind spot monitoring, increased horsepower, reduced drag (by 12%) and, for the off-roaders, multi-terrain select and Crawl Control. In reference to all of the technology upgrades, LoFaso says, “In extreme off-road situations, all the driver has to do is worry about steering.” The new Tacoma receives an estimated mpg of 21 combined (19 for the city; 24 for highway). The truck was also recently voted the Best Mid-Size Pickup Truck of Texas during the Texas State Fair.


Three creative commercials were created to capture the essence of the all-new Tacoma in attempt to attract its target audience. If these don’t get your blood pumping, we don’t know what will!


Blow Off Steam:

Cool tidbit: this video is shot in one-take film – which rarely happens these days!
Playin’ in the Mud:

LoFaso also highlighted the Tacoma’s blast from the past moment, or should we say “future” moment. We recently featured Toyota’s clever commercial on “Back to the Future Day” on Oct. 27 where Toyota  replicated Marty McFly’s dream truck and then showcased life-sized models in Dallas, LA and New York as part of its Back to the Future Day campaign.



The rugged, tough, sporty and technologically-advanced truck is now available at local dealerships. Visit to find the closest dealer to take a test drive.

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