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Subaru Fights Accidents With EyeSight

Posted by: Mark Bilek

When Subaru introduced the all-new 2015 Legacy at the Chicago Auto Show this past February, much mention was made of the new-and-improved EyeSight driver-assist system. EyeSight is a forward-looking video system that helps prevent or minimize vehicle collisions. It works by looking ahead for objects or other vehicles and producing an audible and visual warning when a potential impact is detected. If the driver does not take action to stop the vehicle or avoid the collision, EyeSight will apply the brakes to either safely bring the vehicle to a stop or, if there is not enough time to bring the vehicle to a stop, slow the vehicle down to minimize the impact.

While other automakers offer similar systems, EyeSight is unique for two reasons. One, it's a camera-based system that sees in 3-D. So it can react more quickly and see further down the road. Additionally, the EyeSight camera and computer brain are located inside the cabin, above the rear-view mirror. This location has two advantages. The camera isn't affected by snow or rain because it's behind the windshield and also the system isn't damaged in minor front-end impacts, reducing repair costs.

Additionally, EyeSight also has pre-collision throttle management. If a driver isn't paying attention and accelerating forward into another vehicle, EyeSight will sound an alarm and cut the throttle to help mitigate the collision. Take a look at the video below to see EyeSight in action. Or click to the Subaru website for more information about EyeSight.

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