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Spring Car Care Tips

Posted by: Jennifer Morand

Happy Car Care Month! Spring is finally here, so now’s the time to remove all that winter gunk and prepare your vehicle for the upcoming summer months. Check out some tips and tricks from our partners and detailing professionals at Turtle Wax to get your vehicle in tip-top condition.
Kick It off with Some Cleaning
Let’s start on the exterior, because – let’s face it – Chicago winters can be tough on your vehicle!
Wash with Turtle Wax M.A.X Power Car Wash. This multi-purpose car wash detergent delivers moderate to extreme deep-cleaning action to lift everything from light stains to the stickiest of grime.
Clean and condition your wheels and tires.
  • All Wheel & Tire Cleaner. The heavy-duty cleaning action of this power foam works hard to remove grime and brake dust from tires and wheels without scrubbing.
  • Wet'N Black Tire Shine. This tire shine spray returns the deep black look of your tires and resists wash-off, so your tires continue to look better even after the next rainstorm.
Now onto the interior:
Time to Correct Those Paint Imperfections
Now that your vehicle is rid of any contaminants, it’s time to correct scratches, swirls, oxidation and any other paint imperfections.
Wrap It Up with Long-Lasting Shine & Protection
Here comes the sun! U.V. rays and heat can damage your vehicle paint. Turtle Wax suggests using the following premium spray waxes to protection your vehicle for up to one year.
  • Hybrid Solutions Pro Graphene Flex Wax. This flexible spray wax packs a powerful punch, delivering a strong, graphene-infused wax coating with months of long-lasting protection at the pull of a trigger.
  • Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray Coating. This spray ceramic car coating seals the finish of your car with the incredible shine, water-beading hydrophobicity and the long-lasting protection of a ceramic car wax in an easy-to-use, spray-on/wipe-off application. 
Don’t Forget Those Headlights!
While the various steps outlined above will keep your exterior clean, protected and shining, Turtle Wax warns to not overlook your car’s headlights, which can become yellow and oxidized over time.
As a general rule of thumb, Turtle Wax suggests checking your headlights for oxidation every time you change the clocks in your car (i.e. for Daylight Saving Time). If needed, try Turtle Wax’s Speed Headlight Lens Restorer to quickly renew your headlights to like-new condition without using a drill or having to replace them altogether. 
Now it’s time to get out there and start detailing! has an entire page dedicated to car care tips from Turtle Wax where you can find car care “how to” videos, advice from their experts and product information. We’ll also be talking live this week with Michael Schultz, SVP of R&D (aka Dr. Turtle), from Turtle Wax to answer car care questions and more. Tune in to the Chicago Auto Show’s Facebook page on April 21 at 1 p.m. CST to listen and participate with car care and detailing questions for Dr. Turtle. If you happen miss the live viewing, no worries, you can always catch the interview on our Facebook page under the "videos" tab
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