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Sheet Pulls, Blisters, Credentials - Oh My!

Posted by: Hayley Feichter

Sheet Pulls, Blisters, Credentials -- Oh My! 

When selected as an intern for the Chicago Auto Show I had very little knowledge of cars. My father thought it would be a good idea to cut out EVERY and I mean EVERY newspaper article that had to do with a different auto show, a new car release, or anything Chicago Auto Show related to get me ready for this show, but nothing can prepare you for THE Chicago Auto Show.

The first time on the floor on Tuesday of Media Preview week was a whirlwind; it was still essentially a construction zone, but somehow they had it all put together by Thursday morning, the opening of the first Media Preview day. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine what this show would look like. Bright lights everywhere, moving stages, fresh carpet, test tracks and more. I knew right away that I was working at one of the most important and cool events in Chicago.

After walking the show floor and setting up the media center it was time for the press conferences. While I thought it was going to be fun, I didn't realize how thrilling it was actually going to be. It really struck a love for cars that I never knew existed. My first press conference was a sheet reveal for Hyundai. I was so excited I didn't even get a great shot, but it was the most exciting thing to witness. This excitement continued through every press conference I was able to cover. My love for social media was able to shine at these events and my new love for cars had started to grow.

Throughout this Media Preview week I learned a few things about myself: 

1.     No shoe will ever withstand the Chicago Auto Show.
2.     Cars are really cool and have a lot of creativity behind them.
3.     I found my new calling: creative "booth" designer.
4.     Putting sheets on top of cars and pulling them off is the most exciting thing to see.
5.     Hard work turns out results. Both as an intern and seeing the communications staff work

This was an incredible opportunity; I learned so much and had so much fun. It was a pleasure to be a small part of the nation's largest auto show.

- Jackie Myers, Chicago Auto Show Intern 

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